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Every Being’s Journey

The Heroin’s Journey by J.K. Lessin and TJ Morris – TWO FEMALES – American Made

TJ Thurmond Morris

Every being’s journey  is to Have Peace of Mind while Surviving

While living on planet earth, I discovered people coming and going in a birth-life-death cycle. If you can agree to that simple three-part word gathering as a description we will continue about every Being’s Journey as something to look forward too although transition to the unknown is not exactly making us welcome and accepting.

I have authored books before but this one may lend itself more to my own memoirs without the absolute findings of fact I do in investigations, or the various words we use to flower up the paranormal romance books we enjoy writing.

We are they who share in a time in space we call phase spacing. Therefore, we shall be writing as fast as our humanoid sentient intelligent being’s body can go.

This is for one person we call the curator of our Hawaii locate Ascension Center Network. We often channel.  Janet Kira (Lynn Thompson) Lessin prefers J.K. Lessin since she like I uses her initials as a pen name.

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